About Us

Dristi Foundation State Talent Search Examination, officially known as ASSAM TALENT SEARCH Examination.

Aims & Objectives

DRISTI FOUNDATION  is  born  to  fulfill  the  need  of  the  community  development by popper Education, Skill and using of modern Science and technology in a competitive view. The DRISTI FOUNDATION STATE TALENT SEARCH (ASSAM TALENT) EXAMINATION is to identify the extraordinarily brilliant students and to encourage them through cash awards and other incentives to further improve and hone their talents. ASSAM TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION conducted by the DRISTI FOUNDATION, a Govt. registered Organization activities for the cause of education include award of scholarship to meritorious students, financial assistance to the poor students, organizing coaching classes for CBSE and SEBA Student, Free Digital Education, Science base Competition and workshop, coaching classes for competitive examinations, health care, relief and rehabilitation, environmental promotion etc. ASSAM TALENT Examination envisages motivating students in the Assam states towards inculcating a competitive spirit.

Importance of ASSAM TALENT SEARCH Examination

ASSAM TALENT SEARCH Examination is a diagnostic test that purports to test how well a child has understood the fundamentals of the subjects taught in classes. Thus, it helps parents and teachers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the child in the basics. The preparation for “ASSAM TALENT SEARCH” stimulates the thought process and helps the student to face new challenges. The preparation for “ASSAM TALENT SEARCH” not only helps the students to test his mastery over his subjects taught in the class but also encourages him to acquire information and knowledge about the world around him. It awakens the students to the need of gleaning facts and information which in itself is an enjoyable pursuit and which also equips him to face the challenges of modern day entrance tests and competitive examinations.